10 things that will shape food services in Germany

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You can go online, open a magazine or look through social media and you will find lots of “experts” telling you what the food trends are for 2018. At “We Love Food” we are taking a more practical, down to earth approach and simply saying what we THINK is going to be important in food world in 2018.

We may be right, or we may be wrong, but at least we have thought about it. We also think it is good to share these with you, to get the discussion going and shape the food agenda for the rest of this year. Enjoy the read – we are sure you aren’t going to agree with everything, but that’s a good thing, not a bad thing!

  1. Market mania
    The property market has fallen back in love with food markets, with stalls, counters, food and drink to “eat in” or takeaway. TimeOut, Eataly and the stunning traditional markets throughout Germany mean these new generation markets are high on the developer agenda. Do they make money, can they pay rent and are they sustainable? Time will tell.
  2. Planet not plastic
    This is the year that single use plastics are going to come under massive and continuous scrutiny. TV, film and consumer pressure are going to force companies to act, before using plastic becomes as toxic to their business as it is to the eco systems of the world. We need to get on with this – now.
  3. Grocery stealing our food spend
    2018 is going to be the year that our grocery stores in Germany really get serious about providing foodservice in their spaces. They have cheaper rents and property costs, an abundance of fresh product and real commercial needs to be more efficient. The “share of stomachs” with foodservice operators is changing rapidly.
  4. Fun at the mall
    In many ways, Germany lags behind a lot of Europe in the leisure and foodservice content in shopping malls. This year is going to see a lot more projects where more fun is brought to the traditional shopping centre. More food, entertainment and leisure to create a great “Place for People”.
  5. Very veggie & vegan
    In our view, it actually happened last year, but like it or not, veggie and vegan are now mainstream. No longer considered as a slightly odd, marginal and small group of consumers, eating “V&V” is now open and available to all and many meat eaters love it. It’s now firmly “in the mix” and growing fast.
  6. Strong social influence
    You can’t blame Apple but you can see the impact of the smart phone in all our lives when it comes to food. 2018 is, without doubt, the year when social media and smart tech will take finding, discovering, ordering, delivering and commenting on food and drink to a whole new level. But, a word of caution, there is also going to be an “anti-handy” backlash, too…..
  7. Meat reductions
    It’s not a matter of cost, but more an understanding of the social and environmental consequences of following a high protein (meat) diet. We don’t need it, it is environmentally costly to produce and there won’t be enough to go round. Somehow, we know that and we are predicting small, but significant, reductions in the ratio of meat in dishes and on menus.
    Stop eating animals
  8. Service matters
    We have been spoilt in Germany, with a great quality of product at low prices. The traditional product groups of bakery, bar goods and ice cream are all undergoing a quiet, but significant revolution. Service matters a lot now and is going to rise in importance, with less emphasis on lower price only for quality goods.
  9. Family time & me time
    Like many other parts of Europe, travel distances at work are getting greater, traffic is getting denser and jobs are getting harder to fulfil in the hours available. This isn’t going to change anytime soon, but to compensate, there is going to be a lot more “me time” and “family time” – out, enjoying what the world has to offer and food is going to be central to that.
  10. Just like Grandma…
    Finally, we are certain there is going to be a strong emphasis on “rediscovering the past”. How was food prepared and finished by our parents and grandparents, and how do we find the artisan, specialist producers, growers and makers of fantastic products, just like we used to buy or enjoy as children.

So that’s our “Top 10” for 2018 – we hope you enjoyed reading it and if you want to follow us more, please “get social” and sign up to FACEBOOK – TWITTER – INSTAGRAM with “We Love Food” – it will often make you hungry, probably thirsty and on occasions, quite jealous…

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash

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