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The new F&B and entertainment area at MyZeil shopping center in Frankfurt has taken a step closer to opening, with exciting progress having been made in the market.

More than a year before its scheduled opening and prior to the intended construction start date, our team at ECE have already reached agreements with a broad range of exciting national and international food concepts. Some of these, for reasons I am sure you understand, want to control their own press releases, but we can tell you a little bit more about who has taken some of the 16 foodservice spaces on the 4th floor at MyZeil. The tenant line up is designed to provide “something for everyone” across the whole trading day. Our partners have taken the time to understand the philosophy behind the development, our “We Love Food” program at ECE and, as a result we have some amazing tenants who will welcome our guests when “Foodtopia” opens.

They include “Friends&Brgrs”, who will open their first location in southern Germany, an innovative new restaurant concept of the Sander Group, La Maison du Pain, Dean&David, as well as ALEX, and COA. To ensure that the entertainment is provided to the highest quality, we have also secured the premium cinema operator, Astor Film Lounge. In addition, a renowned, international restaurant concept will also open their first location in southern Germany. Keep an eye out for press releases on that one!

So, most of the space at “Foodtopia” – approximately 80 percent in total of the 16 restaurant, bar and cafe units – has been leased. We have been very careful to make sure that the selected operators and their offers in “Foodtopia” match the “Foodtopia” original concept – providing the right offering for every time of day, from breakfast in the morning to the cocktail and dinner late at night. We had some fun in the early days trying to get the market to fully understand what “Foodtopia” is all about, as it is not a Food Court and it is not a concept that is going to be copied and rolled out everywhere. “Foodtopia” is a unique, single location, that will deliver “a town square of restaurants, cafes, bars and eateries, open across the whole day and evening, serving a great selection of food and drink for all tastes, supported by a fantastic cinema offer”. Simple really……

There are only a few, mostly smaller spaces still available in the market, and these will, as you would guess, be leased strictly in line with the concept, to operators who complement the existing food mix at “Foodtopia”. We are still looking for “different” and “interesting”, so if you read this and it excites you, please get in touch on:

After all this hard work by the whole team on MyZeil, and it really was a “team effort”, we are all excited that the construction works for the new F&B area is planned to commence this month, in February 2018, with the opening being scheduled for spring 2019. Besides the current ongoing upgrade and refurbishment of all of the shopping levels, “Foodtopia” is the second element of the modernization of MyZeil and its repositioning as a modern shopping, lifestyle, and entertainment destination. It is exciting, it has entertainmment and it will certainly create emotion – the three things that are really important to us at ECE. It is important that these are not just seen as words, they are a benchmark measure to see if what we are doing is good enough for our guests and the people who want to spend their time and their money with us in our shopping places.

So here is the full list of our tenants for “Foodtopia” so far……

  • The renowned “Sander” Food Service Group will open its first brick-and-mortar restaurant concept and its first ever location in a shopping center at MyZeil. This innovative concept offers “classic” German dishes that are served fresh, modern, with regionally-produced ingredients in an appealing urban atmosphere. The Germany-based company has been successful in the food service market for more than 40 years and will now employ its food service expertise to operate brick-and-mortar restaurants.
  • The Finnish fresh casual burger concept “Friends&Brgrs” that only uses fresh self-produced ingredients. The company will open its second location in Germany at MyZeil.
  • One of the highlights of MyZeil will be one of the first German locations – and the first location in southern Germany – of an internationally renowned restaurant concept of supreme quality that is very popular and, thus, has a large significance in the market. The concept serves fresh, modern Italian cuisine in a casual atmosphere. Its name will be revealed at a later date.
  • “La Maison du Pain”, will add French charm to MyZeil. The concept is a mixture of Boulangerie, Patisserie, and Brasserie with French flair, fresh pastries, and a culinary lifestyle par excellence.
  • Fast casual lovers will certainly enjoy the fresh food and salad manufacturing concept “Dean&David”, that will open another location in Frankfurt.
  • Furthermore, “ALEX”, a restaurant and bar concept with diverse offerings which has already been successful in Frankfurt shall come to “Foodtopia” and open a second location at an ECE-managed center. Its menu comprises diverse international dishes including a breakfast buffet, salads, and steaks. At night, visitors can enjoy a bar menu and atmosphere.
  • The casual concept “COA”, which offers fresh Asian cuisine in a modern atmosphere, has been at MyZeil for a long time and will move to the “Foodtopia” F&B area with a brand-new restaurant.
  • Astor Film Lounge has already been confirmed as the lesiure Tenant and will provide the premium entertainment offer of the center. The movie theater combines a classic cinema atmosphere with innovative movie technology, unique services and convenience, such as adjustable leather seats, a cloakroom, and at-seat service. It will comprise five screens, among them a large cinema hall with 220 seats, two mid-sized, and two “library movie theaters”.

Negotiations are currently ongoing for the few remaining vacancies with a premium international coffee house operator who intends to present its new concept in Germany at MyZeil in Frankfurt for the first time. We haven’t finished yet and it will get more exciting as we go through 2018. We really look forward to welcoming the public to “Foodtopia” in 2019. If you want to be part of this success story, then get in touch. We can’t wait for it to open…


About Jonathan Doughty

Jonathan DoughtyJonathan Doughty became known in 1993 as founder and Global Managing Director of Coverpoint Foodservice Consultants based in the UK. One of Jonathan Doughty's outstanding abilities is to design new dining areas and food courts for new and existing shopping centers. He and his team will analyze the potential of ECE's around 150 portfolio centers for new and refurbishment food projects and implement them.

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  1. Jeffrey Ngai says:

    Great to see that our hard work is paying off. Can’t wait to see the project build and enjoy the great energetic environment that will be in this space. All the best in finding the remaining ‘unique’ and ‘special’ tenants.


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