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Why architecture matters in food

40 percent of visitors – nearly one out of two people – choose their shopping center based on its restaurant options. Maria Mateo Navarro, Head of Department Creative Design at ECE, explains why architecture plays such a crucial role in giving places this special atmosphere and how it is being implemented at ECE shopping centers.

Wie hat sich die Bedeutung von Gastronomie im Shopping-Center verändert?

Welche Anforderungen muss ein Center heute erfüllen? Welche Angebote muss es bieten? In unserem Interview sprach Klaus Rethmeier, Director Key Account Management International Leasing bei der ECE, unter anderem über die gewachsene Bedeutung der Gastronomie für Shopping-Center und deren Entwicklung.

Johnny's Diary #1: When Johnny met Fabien

I love to cook and I love to entertain and give people a great time. Combining both of those passions into a career has been an amazing experience. Today, I would like to tell you a little bit about a very special experience which I had about two months ago while away on a business trip to Cannes in the south of France.

Tradition im Streetfood-Style

Vor gut sechs Monaten hat Mike Griesch gemeinsam mit Bahram Albordji und Benjamin Facius das „Metzgers“ im Alstertal-Einkaufszentrum in Hamburg eröffnet. Aus der traditionellen Fleischerei „Die Feinschmecker“ entstand das neue Konzept einer Fleisch- und Foodbar. Im Interview erzählt der gebürtige Alstertaler, was das neue Konzept erfolgreich macht, von welchen Trends sich das Betreiber-Team inspirieren lässt und was diesen Sommer auf dem Grill nicht fehlen darf.

at ECE

WE LOVE FOOD at ECE is a culture, a philosophy and a companywide approach to the foodservice sector that we have created for our business. The importance of the food and beverage industry in place-making in retail property is hugely important and so we have created a unique program, which is both internal and external facing, to ensure that we deliver the best spaces, the best operators and the best “places for people” that they can enjoy.

Internally, we are training our teams across the company, from Leasing to Architecture and Construction, to understand the importance of food, how to deliver it and how to give it the best chance of success. Everybody is included.

Externally, we have created our WE LOVE FOOD brand and have worked hard to ensure that operators and the industry know about the incredible expertise that exists in the ECE business and the approach that we have to food and beverage. We want to be the “property partner of choice” and we are working very hard to achieve that. We are engaging at all levels externally to ensure that we attract and retain the best partners and concepts and that we have proper engagement and understanding of their needs.

We love our food
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