Leisure is our pleasure

Just over one year on from joining ECE, Jonathan Doughty has now taken responsibility for “leisure and placemaking” in the key account management team, expanding his role outside of the traditional foodservice remit he previously had. Below he tells us why food and leisure should go hand in hand in order to make shopping centers successful places for people in the long-run.

Johnny’s Diary #2: Talking meat with Hendrik Haase

As ECE develops its new food spaces in Berlin, Frankfurt, Budapest and many other cities, I am working hard to find the real “on the ground” food experts who we can work with to support their beliefs and causes and to help us bring to our places amazing and different food. It is a perfect collaboration and one which is working well for all parties. Last week, I went to meet Hendrik Haase at his restaurant “Kumpel & Keule Speisewirtschaft” in Berlin to talk about some collaborations we are planning.

“Easy Dining”: Sit down, relax and enjoy your meal

You all know the situation when you go to a restaurant during lunch break and you are in a hurry. You don’t want to just grab anything quickly, you want to sit, relax, chat with your colleagues – and of course, eat some tasty food, but at your own speed, with you in control. At ECE we love food and we want our customers to enjoy it. We are working hard to make sure the food in our centers doesn’t just feed people. And we have just launched the test of another innovative pilot project at Skyline Plaza in Frankfurt.